Corona virus rules

Our Coronavirus Rules inside the Clinic are:

Everyone (clients and personnel) with sickness (also colds) cannot be admitted.

This is also for everyone that has been in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus we shall ask you this before the treatment.

All personnel will wear gloves and masks to protect the clients. There will also be masks worn by the clients, as well as the personnel.

On entering the clinic it is necessary for clients to be directed to wash hands.

It is not possible for more than 1 person to appear for an appointment for one person.

It is not possible to wait inside. Please come at the appointed time; not earlier and not later. You will be asked to wait outside, if you come too early.

We don’t shake hands and we talk as little as possible.

Where possible, personnel will stay at a distance. we base this on the 1,5 meter distance, unless we are doing a treatment. It is not possible to use the WC.

Every hour all the doorhandles, faucets, pin machines, front desk, telephone, toilet handles, and keyboard will be cleaned with cleaning cloths.

Please check our Coronavirus Rules before making an appointment.

With kind regards,
Xanadu Clinic