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+ Een liquid facelift;
+ Plus neus mondhoek plooi met hyaluronzuur;
+ Plus marionetten lijnen met hyaluronzuur;
+ Plus 3 regios Botox.
Voor de behandeling...
...en na!
Consult € 30. Als u daarna besluit tot
behandeling over te gaan, wordt dit bedrag
in mindering gebracht op prijs van de behandeling.
Na 4 behandelingen
+ Rimpel reductie door 3D voluminisatie
+ Reproduceerbare resultaten
+ Klinisch bewezen; Duizenden procedures uitgevoerd wereldwijd

Waarom Infini?


Taking the right nutrition and supplements will improve your skin, hair nails, weight and mental health. Today people find it really hard to make the right nutrition choice. A lot of product contains ingredients that won't be suitable for your inner beauty.

Anne Hopman is our health coach and orthomolecular therapist. She can give you individual advice and guide you to a healthy lifestyle. Ortho=right Molecular=Atoms
Orthomolecular therapy means to advance the physical health or to restore disease processes by taking the right nutrition. The treatment has the purpose to provide the body cells optimal quantities of vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrition If you want to lose weight (or gain weight), feel more energetic, get better skin then, ask for our health coach.


  • To lose or gain weight in a healthy way for the rest of your life
  • To improve your skin, hair and nails
  • To feel optimally fit and energetic
  • Advice for pregnant women
  • Advice for overweight children
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Structure and understanding of your own diet

What can you expect?

  • Total body-check
  • Personal advice
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Recipes