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+ A liquid facelift;
+ Plus nose mouth wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid;
+ Plus marionette lines, treatment with hyaluronic acid;
+ Plus 3 regions Botox.
Before the treatment...
...and after!
Consult € 30. If you decide to proceed the
treatment, then this amount is deducted
from the price of treatment.
After 4 treatments
+ Wrinkle reduction through 3D volumization
+ Wrinkle reduction through 3D volumization

Why Infini?



A few drops of BOTOX®/DYSPORT® are injected with a tiny needle into the muscle that creates a wrinkle. When BOTOX®/ DYSPORT® is injected into a muscle...

Lip Augmentation

Restylane™, Teosyal™ and Juvederm are classified as cosmetic fillers. Restylane™, Teosyal™ and Juvederm are probably the most exciting non- surgical advancements in facial rejuvenation today...

Fractional Laser

Treatment with the Fractional laser is aimed at giving maximum treatment results with minimum recovery time. The fractional laser therapy can be used for almost everything...

Liquid Facelift

Dermal fillers are both alternatives and complements to plastic surgery. Some patients are reluctant to undergo surgery, have contraindications for surgery, or wish to avoid the postoperative recovery period...

Fat Removal

In the "Prins Hendrik Clinic Fat Buster", the tripolar RF (Radio Frequency at 6Mhz) causes the triglycerides to decompose into glycerine and free...


As a human being ages the amount of Hyaluron acid in the human body will decrease. The fillers enable the natural results of the face to be restored...


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