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+ A liquid facelift;
+ Plus nose mouth wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid;
+ Plus marionette lines, treatment with hyaluronic acid;
+ Plus 3 regions Botox.
Before the treatment...
...and after!
Consult € 30. If you decide to proceed the
treatment, then this amount is deducted
from the price of treatment.
After 4 treatments
+ Wrinkle reduction through 3D volumization
+ Wrinkle reduction through 3D volumization

Why Infini?

Laser hair removal

Many find it difficult to keep up with hair removal treatments. Shaving or waxing is a time-consuming and short term solution in maintaining a hairless body. However, hair removal doesn't need to be so challenging. Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Laser hair removal can help reducing hair growth, regardless of which area you want to be treated. By going through this procedure, the hair follicles are destroyed with minimal discomfort in just a matter of minutes. Laser hair removal by Xanadu Clinic shows good results for all skin types and tanned skin.

Laser hair removal at Xanadu Clinic

The process requires a series of treatments. However, results are visible after the first time. With every treatment you'll progressively see fewer hairs return. Multiple treatments are available for discount prices. Xanadu Clinic uses the sapphire chill tip and the golden standard for hair removal platform: 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm for the procedure.

Consult with our professionals

If you are interested in laser hair removal, you will consult with our to ensure you achieve the best results possible. If you have any questions about laser hair removal, please call to 020-6123906 or send an email to info@xanaduclinic.nl.